August 28, 2015

EPAct: Is time running out for easy tax savings?

There is a proposal before the US Senate to extend EPAct for three years, through Dec. 31, 2016. The proposal includes several significant changes that we will continue to monitor. Namely the proposal includes changing the baseline used to calculate lighting density (ASHRAE 90.1-2001) to version 90.1-2004, and eventually to 90.1-2007. This will require more energy efficient products and measures to be utilized, but it also increases the benefits for doing so. A 50 percent energy cost reduction (whole building) would qualify for a $3 per-square-foot tax deduction, and the $.60 per square ft. benefit we utilize so often in lighting will increase to $1.00 per square ft. There are also some provisions for including rewarding the use of more lighting controls.

Additional provisions might allow and encourage non-profits and investment groups to benefit from EPAct. We expect designers and contractors to be able to use the tax benefits from that type of facility.

It is impossible to predict where this will lead, but we do know there are significant benefits for completing lighting upgrades THIS YEAR. The requirements are easier to meet, and .60per square foot has a huge impact on the financial rewards of energy savings. .




“Your energy savings and payback calculations were right on the money” … “we’re using even less energy PLUS the utility rebate went up.  We will probably have less than an 8 month payback now.”   (Read More)

J. Raffensperger
Aquatic Industries, Inc.


“In addition to providing a much more uniformly lit facility, the energy division from Womack helped us coordinate with the installer, file and receive our rebate from Duke Energy, and secure the signed documents necessary for the EPAct tax incentives.” … “With Womack’s help and recommendations, we’ve been able to accomplish all of this with a system that will pay for itself in less than a year. In todays’ economy, finding a project that improves the facility, eliminates future expenses and generates better than a 75% ROI in the first year is rare.”   (Read More)

Ernie Farley, Ex. Vice President
CT-Nassau, LLC


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