September 2, 2015

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In the early part of the 20th century, large ships used a piece of equipment known as a Chadburn or engine room telegraph. It was a round unit that sort of looked like a huge dial, and it had big levers on it that the captain could reposition to settings like “ahead full” and “astern half,” which coincided with the speed of the ship’s propellers. When we see these in movies, it’s easy to imagine this device as some kind of engine control. In reality, it was a communication device that sent a telegraph signal to the engine room for the engineers who carried out the request. Moving the controller ahead to “full speed” merely sent instructions to the team who actually got the corresponding propeller up to full speed.

What does this have to do with you or your business? As it turns out, a lot. As we get 2015 started, many of us are spending time thinking about the year ahead. That’s good, but it’s not enough. Successful businesses don’t just think about what’s coming, they plan for it. They set goals and they develop strategies. Finally, they implement systems that will help them to execute their plans effectively.

This last step is the key. If everyone in your organization shares a common plan and a common understanding of how to execute it, the business has a much better chance of moving forward. If everyone does their own thing, confusion can cost you time and money.

Let’s go back to the Chadburn for a moment. What if the captain pushes both levers forward, but the engineers have their own ideas and interpret the telegraph message in different ways?

You could end up with one propeller moving in one direction and the other propeller doing the opposite. Even if the two props are just moving at slightly different speeds, it would cause the ship to lazily chug around in circles without really getting anywhere. For anyone who’s been part of an organization that lacks follow through, this is a familiar feeling.

Thomas Jefferson once said “Vision without execution is hallucination.” In my experience, you can only succeed if you plan to succeed, and you can only achieve your goals if you put those plans into action. Vision is one propeller. Execution is the other.

Keep this in mind as you plan for the year ahead. Brainstorming ideas is the first part of the process, developing goals and strategies is the next part, and executing everything is the last part. The process doesn’t work unless you do all three, and successful execution is impossible unless everyone is on the same page.

Here at Womack Electric Supply, we can help you to execute your plans by supplying everything from cutting-edge products to unique business services. We’ll act as your partner as you work to achieve your goals. Ask your Womack Electric Supply representative, and they can tell you more about all of the ways we can help your company succeed.

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A Healthy Future Starts With

Join us for our first-ever Women In The Electrical Industry event
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 • Hampton Inn & Suites • Raleigh-Durham
International Airport / Brier Creek, North Carolina

shutterstock_174543110Womack University was created to give Womack Electric Supply customers the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. These Womack University events offer everything from hands-on training and informational lunches to exciting full-day functions. The newest event even features something unique – chocolate!

Womack University’s Women In The Electrical Industry event is a free, one-day training session for women only. While many of Womack University’s training opportunities focus on electrical products and technology, this event will concentrate on time management skills and strategies for creating a healthy life balance.

“It’s challenging to find an equilibrium with work, home and all of the other things that are important in people’s lives,” says Rhonda Aherron, marketing manager at Womack Electric Supply and the woman in charge of organizing this year’s function. “If we get out of sync in one area, it carries over to another. This event is designed to help women successfully balance all of the things on our plate so that we can be successful and happy in whatever it is we are doing.”

ge_sponsorshipThe event will be facilitated by renowned motivational speaker and business owner Denise Ryan, and it is sponsored by GE Lighting. The morning session (which extends into the afternoon) discusses the overwhelming causes of stress and how to deal with them, providing women with tips on how to excel in a world of ever-increasing demands. The afternoon will feature a unique presentation called Motivation by Chocolate.

This is Womack University’s first-ever event put on strictly for women, marking a momentous occasion in the company’s history. “For many years, the electrical industry has been perceived as a male-dominated world, but that perception – by both men and women – has changed a lot over the last few years,” says Aherron. “This event is one way we can show our female customers and employees that they are important to the success of this industry, and we hope that women will walk away feeling empowered. Anytime you make somebody on your team stronger, you make your business stronger, and ultimately our industry gets stronger as well.”

Event Agenda

10:45 11:00 A.M. BREAK
2:00 2:15 P.M. BREAK


Fire Up With Denise Ryan
Denise Ryan is the keynote speaker for Womack University’s Women In The Electrical Industry event. Different from typical motivational speakers, Ryan deems herself a “motivational pyromaniac,” with her infectious energy and enthusiasm for lighting fires in others.

Ryan is the founder of FireStar Speaking. She is a highly skilled speaker, holding the title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation awarded to fewer than 10 percent of professional speakers. Ryan has spoken for companies large and small all over the southeast, and she is also a professional trainer and author of the book Do You Burn?

Motivation By Chocolate
Presenter Denise Ryan will liven up the afternoon session of Womack University’s Women In The Electrical Industry event with a little sweetness. Her “Motivation By Chocolate” presentation relates chocolate to nine key motivational concepts that can help attendees get more out of every day, both personally and professionally. The session includes a chocolate tasting to demonstrate not only how to appreciate chocolate, but life itself.

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Debbie Meek And Andrew Kriger Show Off The WOMACK WAY


Debbie Meek

When Debbie Meek started as the secretary/receptionist at Womack Electric Supply in Goldsboro, North Carolina, in 1989, she had no idea it would develop into a lifelong career and have a profound impact on her family. At the time, she was the mother of three young children. The youngest, Andrew (Drew), was just eight weeks old. Through the years, she worked in the Goldsboro branch in accounts receivable, inventory/purchasing, inside sales and outside sales. She even trained employees on the company’s computer system.

Today, Meek is the branch supervisor in Goldsboro and is celebrating 25 years with the company. She is also the company’s first employee to earn the designation of Certified Electrical Professional in Inside Sales through the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). “I found a home with Womack,” says Meek. “Our goal is to provide an environment of growth for the success of our customers and the branch team. My passion is helping others, and Womack gives me the chance to use that on a daily basis.”

Drew Kriger

Drew Kriger

After growing up in the Womack environment, Meek’s son Drew started part-time with the Goldsboro branch in 2008. Later on he worked part-time as a warehouse/delivery driver for the Greenville, North Carolina, branch, while attending East Carolina University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in media production. After college, he went to work at Womack Electric Supply in a full-time counter sales position at the Greenville branch. Today, he serves as a branch supervisor for the Telcom Solutions website based at the Central Distribution Center in Youngsville, North Carolina, and he is Action Selling Certified.

“We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Womack family,” says Meek. “Drew and I look forward to many more years serving the electrical industry and our customers.”

Fun Fact:
Debbie gains the title of ”Mother-in-Law” in October.

Fun Fact:
Drew gains a new title in October, as well – that of ”Husband.”

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New Perspectives
Fresh New Products That Give Contractors An Edge

Check out these new and innovative products offered at Womack Electric Supply that can help make your job easier and your next project a success.


Pre-Fabrication Solutions:
Power Up Your Productivity And Pocket The Profits

Respond to high labor costs and compressed schedules by utilizing products with productivity “designed in.” Prefab Wiring Solutions from Womack Electric Supply offer contracting solutions for the real world, saving you time, money and labor.

  • Off the shelf solutions – quick and easy installations
  • Fewer employees on site
  • Comply with the Buy America Act
  • Eliminate unproductive activities at your job site
  • Data drops
  • Single and double gang switching
  • Single and double gang outlet assemblies
  • Single and double gang plug-tail assemblies
  • Masonry assemblies

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News Brief
Give A Kid A Bike Campaign Enjoys Its Best Year Yet

This year’s caravan was featured on FOX Channel 8 News.

2015 is sure to be fun year for some lucky kids, thanks to Womack Electric Supply’s Give A Kid A Bike campaign. On December 12, 2014, Womack Electric Supply delivered 267 bikes to the Salvation Army in Greensboro, North Carolina, to give to kids in need. A caravan of more than 15 vehicles transported the bikes to the Salvation Army. After the bikes were unloaded, Womack Electric Supply hosted a luncheon for all participants and volunteers. In addition, Womack Electric Supply donated more than 170 bike helmets to the cause.

Womack Electric Supply and the North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors, who co-sponsored the event, would like to thank all participants who were involved and donated to the Give A Kid A Bike campaign.

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Building Better Service

email3At Womack Electric Supply, we provide more than innovative products. We also offer unique services that can help your business on its road to success. Just think of these “service enhancements” as part of the Womack  Advantage, a partnership that allows you to focus on business while we take care of everything else.

Contractor Marketing Solutions
From branding to training to websites, we provide opportunities to effectively market your company.

Central Distribution Center
Our streamlined infrastructure works efficiently to get you the products you need faster.

24-Hour Emergency Services
When the job needs to get done, we’re here to get you what you need.

Project Management
These services help to simplify and streamline big jobs from beginning to end.

By consolidating repetitive orders, we can save you time on data entry and ensure that your orders are shipped faster.

Power Source Online Ordering
This online tool makes developing accurate bids and placing orders quick and easy.

Womack University
We offer training events, tools and resources to give you the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

These billing options allow you to get your invoices electronically and pay your bills online to keep your cash flow moving in the right direction.

Customer Service Guarantees
We are committed to error-free billing, accurate shipping and keeping our most popular products in stock. If we fall short, we’ll issue you a $25 customer service guarantee certificate.

Get instant online bids when you use NetPricer to connect your estimating software to our system.

Solutions Specialists
We have a team of business experts on hand to help you overcome challenges unique to your business.

Stock Optimization Program
We’ll ensure that the parts and products you use most are right where you want them – in your shop!

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Powerful history

Do you know when electricity first lit up Womack country? Here are the dates that got it all started.

1879 – Thomas Edison files for a patent on the first commercially practical light bulb
1885 – Nicola Tesla introduces AC current
1888 – The nation’s first successful electric street
railway system debuts in Richmond, VA
1889 – North Carolina’s first municipally owned
utility powers a light bulb in Statesville, NC
1938 – Womack Electric Supply is founded

Got an interesting historical photo from the electric industry?
Share it with us!

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