Testimonials – Customers

What do you like best about our website marketing strategy services and products?

“Comprehensive, yet easy to navigate.  Excellent designs & easy on the eyes.  I have had many compliments on how professional our website looks.”  

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical

In what ways did our service help you?

 “Having built and maintained my own website at first, this is so much simpler for us.  I was never able to create this type of professionalism.” 

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical

How would you rate the reasonableness of the price you are charged for the services? Do you feel like as if you received a good value?

 “Looking at what you will spend on professional design, hosting, and most of all, time, you really can’t afford not to do it.  An excellent value.” 

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical 

Was your website delivered to you in a prompt, efficient fashion?

 “Website delivered in a very prompt & efficient fashion.  The minor changes that I needed to make were handled very quickly.” 

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical

Would you recommend our service to others? If so, please explain why?

 “It’s 2013.  You need a web presence.  I don’t think that there is a better value out there.  For large & small companies, you simply can’t do it any cheaper or easier.” 

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical

Did you have any hesitation/reservations about using our services at first? If so, please explain why? What convinced you to try our services?

 “I did not.  After 10-12 years doing business with Womack, we have a trust that I have not found elsewhere.” 

D. Henderson – Danmark Electrical