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Commercial Market:  Products & Services

Key Applications in the Commercial Market

The commercial market is often considered the largest electrical services marketplace.  Key applications in this market include: office buildings, retail centers, hospitality venues, data centers and more.  In addition to new construction, retrofit applications within existing commercial structures provide excellent opportunities for contractors to work within the market. Installation of energy efficient lighting systems is one example of a profitable retrofit application. Many business owners are taking advantage of innovations in the lighting market and cashing in on lighting rebates and incentives while further reaping the benefits of improved lighting for their businesses.

Womack – Your Commercial Market Partner

Womack Electric Supply has the products and services you need to succeed in the commercial marketplace.  We partner with leading industry manufacturers to bring the latest innovations to market.  With convenient branch locations and Central Distribution Center, our streamlined infrastructure works efficiently to get you the products you need faster.

We are committed to being your commercial market partner.  We understand the market, its’ pressures, and demands.  You can depend upon us to provide product and service solutions designed to grow your business and profit margins.

Products that Add Value

Click to enlarge. Graphic by EWWeb.com.

This illustration depicts typical products associated with commercial construction models.  In addition to the standard selections, there are many products that provide extra value to your customers and create additional profit building opportunities for your business.  Examples include:  Voice data applications, energy efficient “green” solutions, connected lighting, and others.

As trained electrical professionals, it is your responsibility to inform business owners of electrical options, not only offering comprehensive solutions for all their commercial electrical needs; but to also provide them with information and resources they need to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for them, their project and their business.

Productivity & Profit Boosting Services

Contractor Marketing Solutions: From branding to training to websites, we provide opportunities to effectively market your company.

Central Distribution Center:  Our streamlined infrastructure works efficiently to get you the products you need faster.

24-Hour Emergency Services:  When the job needs to get done, we’re here to get you what you need.

Project Management / Sales:  These services help to simplify and streamline big jobs from beginning to end.

NetPricer & Supplier Xchange:  Get instant online bids when you use NetPricer or Supplier Xchange to connect your estimating software to our system.

WES Connect® Online Ordering:  This online tool and app makes developing accurate bids and placing orders quick and easy.  Keep reading in this newsletter to learn more about WES Connect ®.

Online Billing:  These billing options allow you to get your invoices electronically and pay your bills online to keep your cash flow moving in the right direction.

Easy Import:  Create efficiency by importing your invoices directly into your accounting software.

Solutions Specialist:  We have a team of business experts on hand to help you overcome challenges unique to your business.

Stock Optimization Program:  We’ll ensure that the parts and products you use most are right where you want them – in your shop!

Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions:  Respond to high labor cost and compressed schedules by using products with productivity designed in.

Customer Service Guarantees: We are committed to error-free billing, accurate shipping and keeping our most popular products in stock. If we fall short, we’ll issue you a $25 customer service guarantee certificate.

Contact us today to learn more about Womack Electric Supply’s commercial market products and services.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Upcoming Events

Food For Families

Realizing our collective future is in our own hands and taking pride in reaching out, at Womack Electric Supply, we believe in thinking globally and acting locally.  Our community outreach programs are specifically designed to allow us to work as partners with our customers to make a positive impact on our communities tomorrow.

The Food for Families food drive is held annually during the month of July.  Each Womack Electric Supply branch serves as a drop off location for non-perishable food donations.  All customers, along with the local community, are encouraged to support the drive by donating non-perishable and canned food items including beans, vegetables, meats, soup, fruit and much more.  All donations are distributed to local food pantries in the community in which they are donated.Show your support for your community and donate today!

Download Food for Families Flyer

Womack University

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mark your calendars now to join us for this exciting annual training event.  Get your continuing education hours for the year while learning the latest code updates.

Womack University provides Womack Electric Supply’s customers the opportunity to  learn, grow and succeed. Womack University combines product education, business training and sales motivation into a set of tools and resources that are easy enough to understand and yet powerful enough to make a noticeable impact on your bottom line.

  • Code Updates
  • Additional Training TBA
  • Earn Continuing Ed Credit NC, VA
  • Network with Peers
  • Improve Yourself & Your Business

Registration info & details will be announced soon.

Service Spotlight

Emergency Services

Hurricane & storm season are upon us! Do you know who to call in case of emergency?

Unforeseen circumstances and emergencies befall us all.  When these events happen you can count on us to be there for you when you need us – every time.  At Womack Electric Supply, we understand that emergencies create losses in not only power, but in also in productivity and profits as well.  We offer 24/7 emergency services designed to help you, and your customers, keep homes, businesses and operations running smoothly and efficiently.

View Emergency Contacts
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Order Online

Technology has changed the way business gets done. It adds layers of efficiency to compliment and increase productivity. Womack Electric offers many business technology tools designed to improve processes. With WES Connect​ and WES Connect app you can quickly place orders from anywhere you can go online. WES Connect is designed to maximize your efficiency, save you time and money and increase your production and profits!  With WES Connect you can easily look up detailed information about products, create in-depth bills of materials and place orders quickly and conveniently – at any time of  day – in a single online interface.

WES Connect ® features include:

  • Real time inventory levels and pricing ​​​​​​​
  • Easy to use reorder pad
  • Create product groupings
  • Assign custom part numbers
  • Compare products side by side
  • Download spec sheets
  • Access account inquiry and order history​​​

Sign up for WES Connect today!

New Products

The Heat Is On!

Stay safe this summer.  Womack Electric Supply now keeps you hydrated while on the job. Exposure to the threat of heat stress has been cited as a hazard under the General Duty Clause and, therefore, adherence to the OSHA guidelines on worker hydration would seem to be advisable so as to avoid liability under §5(a)(1).

OSHA also states that an employer has the obligation to provide portable water under the sanitation standards of the Code of Federal Regulations. “Portable water” is defined as “ water that meets the standards for drinking purposes of the State or local authority having jurisdiction, or water that meets the quality standards prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. 29 CFR 1910.141(a)(2).

In light of the General Duty Clause and OSHA’s “portable water” requirements, it is strongly advisable for employers to implement a hydration plan and always ensure the ready availability of water on the job site.

Download Promotional Flyer


  Cat. No. NIA24PK
Purified Drinking Water
24 Pack – 16.90 oz.

Only $3.99 

Cat. No. 55600
Klein Tools Pro Tough Box Cooler
• Keeps cool up to 30 hrs.
• 17 qt., 18 can capacity
• 300 lb. seating capacity
• No rust, stainless hinge

Only $47.99


Pre-Fab & Custom Solutions 

The Solution Source

Womack Pre-Fabrication Solutions partnered with Watson Electrical to fabricate and galvanize three steel I-beams for the exterior lighting project at the Lincoln Financial building in downtown Greensboro.  Womack fabricated the steel I-beams and steel angled mounting brackets based off of engineered drawings received from Watson.  To aid Watson with installing the light fixtures on the I-beams, Womack pre-drilled eight ¾” holes into each I-beam to allow Watson to easily mount the two exterior light fixtures to the beam, saving them valuable man-hours on the job.  Once the fabrication work was completed, Womack hot dipped galvanized the I-beams and brackets.  Working together, Womack Pre-Fabrication Solutions and Watson Electrical were able to complete this work in less than three weeks keeping the project on schedule.

If you have a project that would benefit from pre-fabricated or custom solutions and would like to discuss the project with us, we would like to hear from you.  Click on the link below to contact our Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions Specialist, Brian Garner.

Contact Womack Pre-Fabrication Solutions


Tool Sales & Service 

Milwaukee Summer Savings
Don’t miss this opportunity to save on Milwaukee Tools!
Download the promotional flyer


News Briefs

The Womack Way Award

Linda Williams, Accounts Payable Coordinator, in Danville, Virginia is this quarter’s recipient of the Womack Way Employee Award. The award is bestowed upon an employee that best demonstrates what “The Womack Way” is about in that quarter. What does that entail … it’s “What Customer Service is About!” … attentiveness to our customers and their needs, clear communication skills, willingness to learn (new products, new skills), a positive attitude, time management skills, and being a team player. Each quarter, the employee that is chosen will earn a $100 gift card and Womack Way trophy. Congratulations Linda!


Vendor Product Spotlights

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Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Revolve Security Lights
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