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Make the Right Decision for your Business

We see you!  We know how hard you work confronting the challenges that impact your business daily. We’re here to help! Building a better future for you and your business begins today.

The beginning of a new year provides many of us with the courage and opportunity to self-assess and create resolutions for personal, professional and business growth.

The assessment process involves reflecting on what has worked in the past and resolving to continue with those activities while being brutally honest with ourselves about where we are in need of improvement. Once we have identified our weaknesses, we place ourselves in a position to create “smart goals”, strategies and resolutions to improve.

As your trusted electrical distributor partner, Womack Electric Supply wants to see you succeed and provides a variety of proven profit producing services and strategies to help you target increased profitability in 2020 and beyond.

In 2020 … the Focus is On Your Future

You want your business to be as successful as possible. Productivity is the key to making that a reality. The service enhancements provided for you by Womack Electric Supply are designed to assist you with eliminating unproductive activities from your busy schedule. The efficiency created will boost productivity and your bottom line. Daily tasks that are considered “business as usual” can now be automated, freeing up manpower and other valuable resources. From streamlining accounting processes to effective website marketing to labor reducing job site efficiencies, we can help you target and lock-in on productivity and profit levers within your business.

How Do You Get Started?

Resolve to yourself that this will be the year you take control of the processes that negatively impact your business and drive down profits. Keep reading in this issue of “Womack Way” to learn more about the many smart service enhancements Womack Electric Supply offers. Then, speak to a Womack associate to get started utilizing these services in your business.

Contractor Marketing Solutions
From branding to training to websites, we provide opportunities to effectively market your company.

Central Distribution Center
Our streamlined infrastructure works efficiently to get you the products you need faster.

24 Hour Emergency Services
When the job needs to get done, we’re here to get you what you need.

Project Management / Sales
These services help to simplify and streamline big jobs from beginning to end.

By consolidating repetitive orders, we can save you time on data entry and ensure that your orders are shipped faster.

WES Connect – Online Shopping
This online tool and app makes developing accurate bids and placing orders quick and easy.

Womack University
Training events, tools and resources to give you the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

Get your invoices electronically and pay your bills online to keep your cash flow moving in the right direction.

Customer Service Guarantees
Error-free billing, accurate shipping and popular products in stock. If we fall short, we’ll issue you a $25 customer service guarantee certificate.

Net Pricer & Supplier Xchange
Get instant online bids when you use NetPricer or Supplier Xchange to connect your estimating software to our system.

Solutions Specialist
We have a team of business experts on hand to help you overcome challenges unique to your business.

Stock Optimization Program
We’ll ensure that the parts and products you use most are right where you want them – in your shop!

Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions
Respond to high labor cost and compressed schedules by using products with productivity designed in.

Security Solutions
Utilize cameras to monitor your job sites, increase efficiency and productivity, while minimizing theft and shrinkage.

Labeling Solutions
Meet codes and standards while promoting safety, minimizing liability risks and reducing workplace injuries.

Tool Sales & Service Solutions
We are a single equipment and service source for all your tooling needs.

Take control of your business processes in 2020, maximizing efficiency and targeting profitability. Contact a Womack representative to learn more – You and your bottom line will be glad you did!

10th Anniversary
Give a Kid a Bike Campaign Update

At Womack Electric Supply, we believe in thinking globally and acting locally.  Our community outreach programs are specifically designed to allow us to work as partners with our customers to make a positive impact on our communities tomorrow.

The Give a Kid a Bike campaign is held annually from mid October to mid December.  Each Womack Electric Supply branch serves as a drop off location for purchased bicycles or monetary donations.  All monetary donations are used to purchase as many bikes as possible.  Donated bikes are delivered to charitable organizations for distribution to kids in local communities.

This year over 400 bikes were donated!

During the 10 years that the Give a Kid a Bike drive has been held, over 3,692 bikes have been given to children during the holiday season!

We thank all the customers and employees that so generously gave to support communities in need.

Womack Labeling Solutions

Understanding Your Needs

The duty to warn of hazards is a shared responsibility.  Often, electrical equipment and machinery will arrive at a destination facility with safety labeling applied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  However, the company installing and using the equipment may be required to apply additional labels on manufacturing and electrical equipment, as well as safety and informational signage throughout the facility.

Our Commitment

Womack Labeling Solutions understands these challenges and is committed to providing superior labeling product and service solutions to meet Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electrical Code (NEC) codes and standards and to promote safety, minimize liability risks and reduce workplace injuries.

Let Womack Labeling Solutions help with labeling requirements for multiple markets…

• Industrial
• Original Equipment Manufacturers
• Panel Fabrication
• Commercial
• Multi-Family
• Institutional
• Data Centers
• Health Care Facilities
• Hospitality
• Government
• Energy

Label Maintenance, Audits & Training

The initial labeling is only one part of proper safety communication and training. To help maximize workplace safety, labels should be inspected periodically for wear and compliance to the most recent codes and standards. Womack Labeling Solutions can assist with label inspections, facility audits and training sessions.


Make Womack Labeling Solutions your trusted partner to keep your job site, project, or facility code compliant and your workers safe.  Ask a Womack associate for more details or visit us online to learn more and shop for available labels.


WES Connect features include:

  • Real time inventory levels and pricing
  • Easy to use reorder pad
  • Create product groupings
  • Assign custom part numbers
  • Compare products side by side
  • Download spec sheets
  • Access account inquiry and order history​​​

Order Online with
WES Connect

Technology has changed the way business gets done. It adds layers of efficiency to compliment and increase productivity. Womack Electric offers many business technology tools designed to improve processes. With WES Connect​ and WES Connect app you can quickly place orders from anywhere you can go online. WES Connect is designed to maximize your efficiency, save you time and money and increase your production and profits!  With WES Connect you can easily look up detailed information about products, create in-depth bills of materials and place orders quickly and conveniently – at any time of  day – in a single online interface.

Sign up for WES Connect today! 

Tool Sales & Service 

Womack Electric Supply Announces New Tool Sales Business Development Manager

Womack Electric Supply is pleased to announce that Josh Foust has accepted the position of Tool Sales Business Development Manager.  Josh comes to this role from the Greensboro branch where he was in a prior sales training position.  Before joining Womack, Josh spent many years in customer service in his family’s flooring business.

In his role, as Tool Sales Business Development Manager, Josh will work directly with each areas sales and account management teams to deliver the quality, reliable tools our customers have come to trust and depend upon. 

Josh attended University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He is married to his wife, Logan, and they have two children, Ellison and Elias.  Outside of work, Josh pastors a small community church.

Josh will be based out of the Greensboro area and will be scheduling visits to each district in the near future.  Josh can be reached via telephone at (919) 302-1121 or by emailing jfoust@womackelectric.com.

We are excited about Josh’s enthusiasm for his new role and look forward to continued growth in our tool sales and service initiative.  Please join us in welcoming Josh and supporting him as Womack’s Tool Sales Business Development Manager!

Visit us online at www.womacktools.com to learn more about the many tools and manufacturer brands Womack Tool Sales & Service represents.

Tool Service & Repair

Count on Womack Tool Sales & Service to provide you with fast, reliable repair services for many leading manufacturer product lines.

We stand behind every repair we make. Each tool repair made has a 30 day labor warranty.

Visit us online at www.womacktools.com/toolrepairs to receive more details about our fast, reliable tool repair services.

The Womack Way Award

Jorge Velazquez, Administrative Associate at the Womack Central Distribution Center in Youngsville, NC is this quarter’s recipient of the Womack Way Employee Award. The quarterly award is bestowed upon the employee that has best demonstrated what “The Womack Way” is about. What does that entail … it’s “What Customer Service is About!” … attentiveness to our customers and their needs, clear communication skills, willingness to learn (new products, new skills), a positive attitude, time management skills, and being a team player. Each quarter, the employee that is chosen will earn a $100 gift card and Womack Way trophy. Congratulations Jorge!

Let us know what you think!  Is there someone you would like to nominate to receive The Womack Way award?  Submit a nomination today!