January 28, 2020

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Labor saving solutions

We all only have so much time on our hands.  For the electrical contractor, there never seems to be enough of it.  Electrical contractors are continuously confronted with various job site issues, all of which affect their productivity, profitability and their ability to seamlessly move to the next project in a timely manner.  Skilled labor shortages, schedule accelerations,  and unproductive activities are just three of the many variables that erode contractor productivity and profitability.

Given the right products and strategies, contractors can effectively control project variables providing a plan to project success that makes processes repeatable, predictable and improvable.  This allows contractors to effectively plan, organize, direct and control all aspects of their projects.  Fortunately, Womack Electric Supply offers many labor saving product & service solutions that can help contractors remain productive and profitable.  Learning more about Womack’s productivity boosting solutions is something that everyone should make time for…


Take Advantage of the Many Ways Womack Electric Supply Labor Saving Product & Service Solutions Can Positively Impact Your Business


Project Management Services

Womack Electric Supply Project Management Services brings real value by …

  • Keeping you up to date with product movement for your project via Shipping Status Reporting
  • Ensuring accurate billing and simplifying accounting for your project via Reconciliation Reporting
  • Providing real-time information regarding status of your project via Snapshot Reporting
  • Tracking impact of change orders for your project via
    Change Order Reporting



Inventory Solutions

Womack Electric Supply Inventory Solutions Services delivers
critical need and commonly used supplies when you need
them by …

  • Product & Materials Staging
  • Product & Materials Storage
  • Product Kitting
  • Smart Carts – Rolling Supply Stations
  • Customer Warehouse Solutions



WES Connect Online Shopping

Womack Electric Supply’s WES Connect Online Shopping & Mobile Access App gives you account access anywhere you can go online.  WES Connect provides …

  • Online ordering access
  • Real time inventory levels and pricing
  • Account inquiry and order history
  • Side by side product comparisons
  • Easy to use reorder pad
  • Spec sheet downloads



Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions

Womack Electric Supply provides pre-fab and custom solutions for repetitive-style, large scale projects.  The benefits for pre-fab and custom solutions are …

  • Save time, labor and money
  • Provide off-the-shelf electrical assemblies
  • Offer custom fabrication and finishing
  • FASS Rack conduit support systems simplify conduit installations
  • UL listing and ARRA compliance



Tool Sales & Service Solutions

Nothing slows down a job like not having the proper tool to complete it.  Womack Tool Sales & Service provides 24/7 options for purchasing new tools and keeping your existing tools in top working order…

  • Shop online @ WomackTools.Com
  • Leading manufacturers – sales & service
  • Convenient tool repair drop-off locations
  • Fast, reliable repair service
  • Tool management assistance
  • Dedicated tool specialist


Contact us today to learn more about labor saving product and service solutions from Womack Electric Supply.  We look forward to hearing from you!





food for families
July 1st – july 31st, 2018


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At Womack Electric Supply, we believe in thinking globally and acting locally.  Our community outreach programs are specifically designed to allow us to work as partners with our customers to make a positive impact on our communities tomorrow.

The Food for Families food drive is held annually during the month of July.  Each Womack Electric Supply branch serves as a drop off location for non-perishable food donations.

All customers, along with the local community, are encouraged to support the drive by donating non-perishable and canned food items including beans, vegetables, meats, soup, fruit and much more.  All donations are distributed to local food pantries in the community in which they are donated.

Show your support for your community and donate today!




Labor savings expo & code class

Join us for our annual Womack University event.  This year’s focus is on labor saving solutions for projects.  Learn ways to improve productivity, save manpower, time and money.

Earn continuing education credits:
8 Hrs. – North Carolina – for whole day attendance
2 Hrs. – Virginia – for whole day attendance

FREE 1 day event

Thursday, September 20th, 2018
9am – 4pm
Lunch Provided



The McKimmon Center at NC State University
1101 Gorman Street
Raleigh, NC  27606

Code Instructor: Terry Cromer
Terry Cromer is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors, Inc.  (NCAEC).   The NCAEC was established in 1937 to be a voice for the electrical contractors of North Carolina,  keeping members updated on laws and legislative information on the electrical code and code changes.

Additional Schedule of Events & Speakers:  To Be Announced – Stay Tuned.




Service Spotlight

Online billing

Managing your accounting processes has never been easier.  Our secure, easy-to-use, online billing program offers a full range of features and tools to manage and pay your bills.  With Womack Electric Supply Online Billing you can view bills, search and research bills by key criteria, download invoice data directly into your accounting software, print bill copies and pay online. 

Contact our Credit Department today to find out more about online billing or if you have any questions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Efficiently manage accounting processes
  • Secure, easy-to-use access portal
  • View, sort, print, research, & pay online
  • One time & ACH payments
  • Download data to your software
  • Save time & money

Sign up for Online Billing today!



Order Online

Technology has changed the way business gets done. It adds layers of efficiency to compliment and increase productivity. Womack Electric offers many business technology tools designed to improve processes. With WES Connect​ and WES Connect app you can quickly place orders from anywhere you can go online. WES Connect is designed to maximize your efficiency, save you time and money and increase your production and profits!  With WES Connect you can easily look up detailed information about products, create in-depth bills of materials and place orders quickly and conveniently – at any time of  day – in a single online interface.

WES Connect ® features include:

  • Real time inventory levels and pricing ​​​​​​​
  • Easy to use reorder pad
  • Create product groupings
  • Assign custom part numbers
  • Compare products side by side
  • Download spec sheets
  • Access account inquiry and order history​​​



Sign up for WES Connect today!




Pre-Fab & Custom Solutions 


Struggling to increase the productivity of your contracting business? Respond to high labor costs and compressed schedules by utilizing products with productivity “designed in”.

Womack Electric Supply’s Pre-Fabrication Solutions can make it happen. With our pre-fab wiring solutions, much of the typical electrical assembly is completed in advance, dramatically cutting project completion times and reducing labor cost. The bulk of these labor savings will drop straight to your bottom line!

Standard wiring application pre-assemblies make for quick and easy installations. Off the shelf solutions include data drops, masonry stubs, single and double gang switching and outlet assemblies and more.

If your project is substantial or repetitive, such as; a hospital, condominium complex, office building or hotel, look to our off the shelf pre-fab wiring solutions products to get the job done.

Ask a Womack sales associate how our Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions can benefit you!



Tool Sales & Service 

MILWAUKEE Tools –  specials!
Don’t miss this opportunity to save on Milwaukee Tools!
Download the promotional flyer



News Briefs


Andrew Kriger, Web Management Specialist in Youngsville, North Carolina is this quarter’s recipient of the Womack Way Employee Award. The award is bestowed upon an employee that best demonstrates what “The Womack Way” is about in that quarter. What does that entail … it’s “What Customer Service is About!” … attentiveness to our customers and their needs, clear communication skills, willingness to learn (new products, new skills), a positive attitude, time management skills, and being a team player. Each quarter, the employee that is chosen will earn a $100 gift card and Womack Way trophy. Congratulations Andrew!





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