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Internet of Things

What Is The Internet of Things?

IoT or Internet of Things is the new buzz phrase in the electrical industry.  Simply put, IoT is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.  According to The Electrical Distributor magazine, “The convergence of broadband internet availability, decreasing internet costs, growth of WiFi devices, decreasing technology costs and skyrocketing smartphone penetration has created a “perfect storm” for the IoT. By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to reach $1.4 trillion as organizations continue to invest in hardware, software, services, and connectivity.”

What IoT Means For You and Your Business

IoT systems are laying the groundwork for smart, connected buildings, communities and homes.  Many major electrical product manufacturers are investing heavily into this market.   These product introductions provide electrical contractors with opportunities to work with their customers providing value added products and services. As trained electrical professionals, your customers look to you to provide them with the latest in electrical options.   For homeowners, the purchase of a home is often the biggest investment they will ever make.  That home and investment should grow and change with the homeowners as their lives and circumstances change.  For business owners and industrial facility managers, day to day operations leave very little extra time for research and inquiry regarding up-fits with the latest advancements in electrical technology products.    Having a trained electrical professional to consult with regarding areas of concern is a great benefit to homeowners, business owners, and industrial facility managers.

IoT in the Electrical Marketplace
These are just a few of the many IoT products and solutions on the market today …
Connected Lighting:  Connected lighting solutions go beyond controlling light to solve higher complexity problems enabled by sensing and communication capabilities within the light fixture itself – leveraging the real-estate of the physical light fixture to increase building, business and community operating efficiency.
Connected Homes: High-performance components and systems for home networking, automation, and entertainment – promising faster speeds, stronger connections, easier control, and more. Whether homeowners want to stream high-definition movies, check their home’s security on the go, or set the right mood with lighting and audio, the ideal solution for transforming their house into a better home is at their fingertips.
Life Safety Products:  Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems.  Allows for  push notifications to iOS devices in the event of a smoke or CO emergency.
HVAC Control Systems:  Change a homes temperature from a phone, laptop, or smartwatch.
Video / Doorbell Cameras:  Visibility whether home or away. Record video or take snapshots on demand.
Industrial Internet of Things:  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility to allow for real-time decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as new service opportunities.

Womack Electric Supply Can Help with IoT Products & Solutions

Womack Electric Supply has the latest IoT products and solutions.  We partner with leading industry manufacturers to bring the latest innovations to market.  With convenient branch locations and Central Distribution Center, our streamlined infrastructure works efficiently to get you the products you need faster.
We are committed to being your IoT market partner.  We understand the market and you can depend upon us to provide products and solutions designed to grow your business and profit margins.

Contact us today to learn more about IoT products and solutions from Womack Electric Supply.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Details will be announced soon regarding an exclusive opportunity to attend the Womack University Women in Electrical Industry Event!
Thursday, April 26th 2018
FREE 1 day event at The McKimmon Center at NC State in Raleigh, NC
Guest speaker Dr. Kevin Snyder

Give a Kid A Bike event – update

Thanks to the customers and staff who supported the recent 8th Annual Give a Kid a Bike event.  Your generosity put a lot of smiles on the faces of many children in our communities and truly helped make a difference in the lives of so many deserving families within our communities this holiday season.
With your help, we exceeded our goal and were able to donate 504  bikes to local charitable organizations for distribution to children within the communities in which they were donated!
Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!

Service Spotlight

Customer service guarantees

The Womack Customer Service Guarantees include:
Fill Rate Service Guarantee:
100% Fill Rates are the only acceptable performance level from your electrical distributor.  Womack Electric guarantees that on our guaranteed in stock products list (over 250) products we will never be out of stock.  If we are out of stock, we will issue you a $25.00 Customer Guarantee Certificate.
Error Free Billing:
There is no substitute for accuracy.  If we make a mistake on your invoice, we will issue you a $25.00 Customer Service Guarantee Certificate.
Error Free Shipping:
We know that mistakes cost time and money.  You will get the product you ordered on time or we will issue you a$25.00 Customer Service Guarantee Certificate.

Order Online

Technology has changed the way business gets done. It adds layers of efficiency to compliment and increase productivity. Womack Electric offers many business technology tools designed to improve processes. With WES Connect​ and WES Connect app you can quickly place orders from anywhere you can go online. WES Connect is designed to maximize your efficiency, save you time and money and increase your production and profits!  With WES Connect you can easily look up detailed information about products, create in-depth bills of materials and place orders quickly and conveniently – at any time of  day – in a single online interface.

WES Connect ® features include:

  • Real time inventory levels and pricing ​​​​​​​
  • Easy to use reorder pad
  • Create product groupings
  • Assign custom part numbers
  • Compare products side by side
  • Download spec sheets
  • Access account inquiry and order history​​​

Sign up for WES Connect today!

Pre-Fab & Custom Solutions 




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FASS Rack conduit support system for all 3/4″ or smaller conduit types.  PVC, EMT, IMC, or RIGID. Available options include 12” – 12 conduit ports; 24” – 24 conduit ports; 36” – 36 conduit ports; 48” – 48 conduit ports.  All racks 6” Height. *

FASS Rack conduit support systems are available in a “Build-A-Rack” option for all 4″ or smaller conduit types, PVC, EMT, IMC, or RIGID.  Build-A-Rack FASS Rack options function independently in individual sections or in sectional combinations up to 54” in total length.   Available sectional options include:  Option A:  18” Length, 6” Height.  Provides 14,   1” or smaller conduit ports; Option B:  18” Length, 6” Height.  Provides 4,   2” or smaller conduit ports; Option C:  18” Length, 6” Height.  Provides 2,   4” or smaller conduit ports.

If you have a project that would benefit from pre-fabricated or custom solutions and would like to discuss the project with us, we would like to hear from you.  Click on the link below to contact our Pre-Fabrication & Custom Solutions Specialist, Brian Garner.


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Tool Sales & Service 

MILWAUKEE Tools –  specials!
Don’t miss this opportunity to save on Milwaukee Tools!
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News Briefs


Nancy Pierce, Credit Associate in Greenville, North Carolina is this quarter’s recipient of the Womack Way Employee Award. The award is bestowed upon an employee that best demonstrates what “The Womack Way” is about in that quarter. What does that entail … it’s “What Customer Service is About!” … attentiveness to our customers and their needs, clear communication skills, willingness to learn (new products, new skills), a positive attitude, time management skills, and being a team player. Each quarter, the employee that is chosen will earn a $100 gift card and Womack Way trophy. Congratulations Nancy!


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