Vendor Price Increase Notifications

Please contact your local Womack representative for more information.

Womack Electric Supply is committed to being your supplier of choice for all your electrical product needs.  We partner with industry leading product suppliers and manufacturers to deliver the latest product innovations to you within every segment of the electrical industry.  We understand that your productivity and success is dependent upon the availability of supplies when and where you need them and at fair market price levels. 

At times, due to market constraints caused by higher costs from raw material suppliers, shortages, tariffs, labor and other continued cost factors, vendors will notify us of implementation of price adjustments. When these notifications occur, we seek to quickly make you aware of the changes.  We understand you have ongoing jobs and contractual obligations.  We share in the concerns of our customers regarding the financial impacts related to these changes and we wish to work closely with you to mitigate the effects of market price fluctuations.  We encourage you to communicate with your Womack representative to fully understand the potential impacts.  Your Womack representative can work with you to review your inventories and make appropriate adjustments to stock levels on key price sensitive products.

Below is a current listing of vendor price adjustment notifications, including their notification and effective dates.  Click on a link to open the notification.  Please contact your local Womack representative with questions or for more information.


Notification: Dec. 1, 2020 – Effective: Mar. 1, 2021

General Price Increase, Special Pricing Agreements, and Existing Project Quotes


Notification: Nov. 20, 2020 – Effective: Jan. 22, 2021

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