Company History

Vision for Success

Womack Electric Supply was founded by Charles A. Womack, Sr. in Danville, Virginia in 1938. The original business was set up to supply the local needs of both the electrical and electronic trades.  Soon the operation had expanded into neighboring North Carolina.  Growth and success continued into the late 1970’s aCharles Womacknd early 1980’s, when two of his sons; Ray and David Womack, became affiliated with the company.  David began his work in the eastern North Carolina town of Greenville, and Ray began his work in the central North Carolina town of Burlington.  The sons continued with their father’s vision of building a strong electrical supply business in Virginia and central to eastern North Carolina.  Today, the company has grown to become one of the top electrical supply distributors in the nation. 

The growth and success of the company can largely be attributed to remaining true to the original customer centric vision of our founder. At Womack Electric Supply, we understand that our own success is a direct result of the success of those we serve.  This is the Womack Way.  This philosophy serves to focus our efforts on consistent conformance to customer expectations for quality products and professional service.  We articulate this philosophy everyday in the capabilities and pride of workmanship of every Womack Electric Supply employee serving our customers.  Each member of the Womack team is required to continue their professional growth via required training and coaching.  Our growth is fueled by our employees drive to become the best within the industry.  Our mission is to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction through continuous growth and constant improvement.

Building Relationships.  Providing Exceptional Services.

Womack Electric Supply understands the needs of each market we serve. Excellent employees, building lasting relationships, providing local services, and inventories tailored to meet the needs of customers in each branch location have been key to the success of Womack Electric Supply. 

The mix of business in each location is dependent on the market being served.  In many locations, the emphasis is on the commercial and residential construction markets.  In other locations, the mix may be mostly industrial. Other market verticals include emerging markets of energy, solar, and pre-fabrication and custom solutions.  This localized approach to doing business indicates our willingness to respond to the changing needs of the markets we are serving to better serve our customers.

At Womack Electric Supply, we don’t stop at supplying products. Our customers have asked us to help them with everything from marketing and websites to inventory and book-keeping.  As a result, we have developed a powerful set of business tools, services and programs that attract, retain, and give our customer partners an edge.  We call this the Womack Advantage – a partnership that allows our customers to focus on business while we take care of everything else.  Dedicated sales specialist allows Womack Electric Supply to focus on specific applications within markets to provide superior product knowledge and customer service to customers. Examples of focus areas for sales and service specialist include:  Energy Solutions, Lighting Solutions, Custom & Prefabrication Solutions, Tool Sales & Repair and many others.  Continuing our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, our project service teams’ mission is to enhance value for our customers by coordinating and efficiently managing the flow of products and information to meet construction schedules and project completion dates.

Keeping Pace with the Times

There have been two constants in the electrical supply industry – change and our commitment to adapt to change to better serve our customers. In many ways, Womack Electric Supply combines old-fashioned principles with modern thinking and technology.  In 1996, Womack Electric Supply began utilizing the terminal based Eclipse software system to network all of their locations, enhancing communication and customer service. 

Today, Womack Electric Supply is at the cutting edge of tech E.R.P. applications for the industry, utilizing the p.c. based, deep industry functionality of Eclipse Solar for real time management of their business systems.  Sales teams are tech savvy, checking stock and entering orders direct from the field with the aid of lap-tops, iPads and smart phones.  Customer shopping and ordering convenience is promoted through utilization of Womack branded online shopping sites, our web-based WES Connect system and WES Connect app.

Womack Electric Supply is active in both customer based and distribution based trade organizations such as the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), IMARK, North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors (NCAEC), Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association (CECA), IMELCO, and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Our involvement with these organizations allows us to keep in touch with the changes in the industry both within and outside of our local markets.  Womack Electric Supply staff have served on the boards, committees and councils, of many of these and other manufacturer organizations, giving them the opportunity to voice the concerns of our customers and our company.

Our Resolve Into the Future

Since our founding, Womack Electric Supply has been bringing commitment to quality, superior customer service and supply chain integrity to the electrical distribution marketplace. This ongoing commitment carries us forward into the future and serves to strengthen our resolve to be the supplier of choice for customers seeking excellence in service and solution selling, the distributor of choice for manufacturers seeking efficiencies in channel logistics and marketing expertise, and the employer of choice for those seeking fulfilling careers in the electrical industry.

In mid-2017, Crescent Electric Supply Company acquired Womack Electric Supply. Headquartered in East Dubuque, IL, Crescent Electric is one of the largest electrical distribution companies in the U.S. Founded in 1919, the family-owned business serves contractors, institutional and industrial customers with a broad line of electrical, industrial and data-comm products from branch locations nationwide.

Womack Electric Supply Corporate Archives

The collections we maintain are an important company resource, and are utilized to tell our company’s story, activities and history. The Womack Electric Supply archive materials range from historical images and objects to corporate history exhibits that bring our history to life.  The exhibits are located in the Womack Electric Supply corporate offices in Danville, Virginia.

Charles A. Womack

Charles A. Womack

Teletype. Circa 1954.

Womack Electric Supply. Danville, VA.

Womack Radio Division

Showroom View

Warehouse View

Painting. Christmas 1954.

Charles Womack's Briefcase

Charles Womack's Ledger

Chatham Bank Books

Charles Womack's Business Card

Who's Who in the South

Service Management Books

Engineers Handbook

Commercial Credit Manual

Todd Check Writer

Safeguard Check Writer

Acme Account Index

Charles Womack's Duplex Slide Rule

Womack Branded Pens

Womack Branded Knives

Womack for Senate Booklet

Manual of the Senate

Election Results - Senate

Senate Run News Article

Vintage Radio Tools

Marsh Stencil Machine

Shipping Crate Stencils

Wire Meter with Spool

Wire Meter. Circa 1930.

Simplex Reel Jack


Womack History Center

Charles Womack's Desk

History Center

Credenza Display

Window Ledge Display

Catalog Exhibit

Book Collection

Shadow Box Exhibit

Stencil Machine Exhibit

Stencil Exhibit Close Up

Bookcase Exhibit

Bookcase Close-Up

Senate Run Exhibit

Wall Exhibit

Desk Display

Check Writing Display

Ledger Book Display