January 29, 2020

Central Distribution Gives Contractors The Edge

Womack-113Womack Electric Supply’s innovative Central Distribution Center (CDC) provides tangible benefits, including improved flexibility, increased accuracy and the overall cost savings associated with a system that works more efficiently.

Located in Youngsville, North Carolina, the CDC is Womack’s warehouse and delivery hub.  The 45,000 square feet oCDC Groupf space is dedicated to ensuring that contractors have the products they need when they need them.  The CDC also provides behind-the-scenes advantages that help out contractors in a big way.  One such example is in-house wire cutting order fulfillment.  Not only do our customer get wire when they need it, but they see additional benefits like cost savings and flexible delivery, thanks to the efficiency of the process.

Organization is critical when it comes to the CDC. Every part that leaves the building is bar -coded and tracked to ensure that the orders arrive on time and that they are correctly packed.  We understand that order accuracy is key to keeping projects on time and on budget.