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Large institutions present a great variety in both their facilities and in how those facilities are used and maintained.

A university campus, for example, might include historic structures that need architecturally compatible upgrades to electrical and mechanical systems.  Scientific laboratories may have HVAC systems that must maintain precise environmental conditions.  And facilities across the campus may range from sports stadiums to classroom buildings to dormitories to cafeterias.

Womack Electric Supply has the inventory, product depth and service expertise to help institutional customers maintain this diverse infrastructure cost effectively.  We supply contractors involved in construction and remodeling, as well as facilities and building managers engaged in maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). 

Creating Value for You

• Drive Start-Ups & Commissioning
• Vendor Managed Inventory
• Local, Extensive Inventory
• Convenient Locations
• Wire & Cable Management
• Womack University – Training
• On-Staff Solutions Specialist
• Custom Solutions & Specialist
• Security & Camera Solutions
• Industrial & Electronic Repair Services

• Custom Label Capabilities
• Lighting & Equipment Retrofits
• Daily Deliveries
• Kitting Capabilities
• Staging & Storage
• Online Billing & Accounting
• Tool Sales & Service Center         
• National Account Services
• WES Connect Online Ordering
• Technical Support Center

• Toll Free Tech Support Line
• Arc Flash Studies & Training
• Fabrication – UL508 Panel Shop
• 24-Hour Emergency Support
• Inventory Services & Solutions
• Project Management Services
• Customer Service Guarantees
• Central Distribution Center
• Labeling Solutions
• New Product Solutions

Delivering Product Solutions to You


  • Security
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Motor Efficiency
  • Power Monitoring
  • Lighting Control
  • Power Distribution
  • IoT Infrastructure


  • Data Networks
  • Network Wiring
  • Telecommunication
  • Intercom Systems
  • Automation/Control
  • Monitoring
  • Repair Services
  • Power Conditioning


  • Office Lighting
  • Garage & Parking
  • Building & Path
  • Stairwell Solutions
  • Retrofit Fixtures
  • Task/Accent Lighting
  • Dock Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • LED/Fluorescent
  • Ballast & Batteries
  • Recycling


  • Energy Audits
  • LED Lighting
  • Power Monitoring
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Vacancy Sensors
  • Timers


  • Arc-Flash Studies
  • Circuit Protection
  • Surge Suppression
  • Labeling Solutions
Cooperative Contracts  for Education

Membership with E&I Cooperative Services qualifies you for group purchasing discounts with IM Supply and Womack Electric Supply Company for lighting, electrical MRO, safety, sensing and security solutions.

Womack Electric Supply is an owning member partner of IM Supply. Our partnership provides collective purchasing power to lower costs across your institution.

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