Experience Pow-R-Express

As a contractor, it is difficult at times to know exactly what you will need, and when you will need it. That is why Womack Electric Supply has partnered with Eaton to ensure a strong local supply of distribution equipment – rapidly available to you as a commercial contractor.

When you work with Womack, a Pow-R-Xpress distributor, you get reliable, on-time access to the Eaton products you need, as well as, tips for quick and easy installation and access to Womack & Eaton’s custom product solutions for unique project applications.

Womack’s team of Pow-R-Xpress Specialists stand ready to assist you with local inventory of the solutions you need, on hand when you need it.  We believe in supporting your business with simplified delivery and speedy deployment, directly from our stock, offering unparalleled access to Eaton’s most popular power management products. 

How you benefit…

  • Respond to quick-turn opportunities, specification changes, and last minute requests
  • Simplify your light commercial construction projects by partnering with experts who are trained on the products and applications
  • Shorten your lead times and expedite delivery via fast access to an array of product inventory
  • Reduce order complexity, labor and time

Product types…

  • Panelboards – PRL1X and PRL2X
  • Branch feeder breakers (BAB/QBHW/GHQ/GHB) for PRL1X and PRL2X Panelboards
  • Dry-type distribution transformers
  • PRL3X and PRL4X power panelboards for light commercial jobs in two weeks from satellite plant
  • Three-phase loadcenters
  • Enclosed control
  • Safety switches

To learn more about how Womack Electric Supply can help solve your commercial electrical needs contact us.  We’re ready to help!

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