January 29, 2020

Helping You Stay Busy Without All The Busy Work!

Womack Electric Supply custom designs inventory options to meet the needs of our diversified customer base. Whether it be committed inventory stock at our local branch or palletized kitting of specific orders, we listen and create the best possible solutions to your inventory requirements.

Backup Inventory – committed and maintained products at your local branch to insure against stock outage and downtime.

Storeroom Monitoring – monitor specific items in customer storeroom, and provide suggested reorder levels. Suggest areas for consolidation and buyback of unused inventory.

Stock Optimization Solutions – commonly used parts will alwaWomack-106ys be where you need them – at your shop.  With an advanced bar code monitoring system, ordering and delivery are automatic; and you aren’t billed for a part until you scan it and put it to use.

Kitting – allows for elimination of large order entry by consolidating repetitive orders, and packaging of complete orders. Results in lower processing cost and receiving time.

Vending Machines – Turck/Banner sensing and measuring products are consigned to an in-plant vending machine that is billed to the customer at the time of use. (Not available at all branch locations)

Contact us today to find out how our inventory solutions can serve your needs.