North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors (NCAEC)

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NCAEC, was established in 1937 to be a voice for the electrical contractors of North Carolina. NCAEC currently has over 280 members and continues to grow in number and strength, becoming a chain forged from a valuable network of electrical contractors. NCAEC provides a forum in which questions can be answered, concerns can be voiced, and members can benefit from the guidance of electrical industry leaders.

NC 2020 National Electrical Code Amendments (Effective Date October 1, 2021)

This document was created to aid those in the electrical industry in identifying the most significant changes from the 2017 to the 2020 State Electrical Code. The 2017 Amendments that were retained without any changes and new 2020 Amendments that delete new requirements in the 2020 NEC are not discussed in this document because the application of the State Code does not change.

This document and the 2020 State Electrical Code Amendments should also be incorporated into national reference material. The text of this document is commentary and shall not be considered official interpretations from the State Electrical Division. This document is not an all-inclusive analysis of changes.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the NC Office of State Fire Marshall.