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Modernization & Aging Assets

Keep Your Assets and Processes Current
with Womack Electric

The need to update aging assets has never been greater. In the U.S., 82% of commercial buildings were built prior to 2000, and many of these buildings now require urgent updates to bring them up to modern standards for energy efficiency, electrical code compliance, and more.

Meanwhile, industrial manufacturers are faced with a need to modernize their facilities. As Industry 4.0 becomes more widespread, companies that aren’t effectively adopting modern solutions such as IIoT, cloud computing, or automation robotics are at risk of falling behind the competition as these technologies become more prevalent.

At Womack Electric, we understand the challenges associated with modernizing aging assets and infrastructure, and we’re committed to helping our customers overcome them. From our wide range of products from industry-leading brands to our lineup of expert services, we have what you and your customers need to improve profitability through modernization.  Recent legislation has been passed to result in massive infrastructure spending in many areas including water/wastewater, power grid, civil projects, and others. Womack Electric Supply customers can depend upon us to have the products and services they need for aging building and aging infrastructure repair, maintenance, and renovation projects.

Key Areas of Concern – Where Womack Can Help:

Effects of Climate Events on Aging Energy Grid, Infrastructure, and Buildings

Extreme climate events are exacerbating issues caused by past-due infrastructure repairs in the US. From higher intensity weather events and flooding damaging infrastructure to extreme temperatures stressing the energy grid, the effects of climate change are a present issue, and one that is likely to worsen over the foreseeable future.  More than 70% of the US grid is >25 years old, and climate change will only accelerate the need for upgrades and improvements.

Deteriorating Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

A water main break now occurs somewhere in the U.S. every two minutes, and an estimated 6 million gallons of treated water are lost each day. The EPA has identified a need for over $744 billion to enhance and restore water, wastewater, and storm water systems.  Contractors and utility staff workers are seeking more solutions for the implementation of digital, smart, and automation technologies.

Industrial Modernization

Around the world, manufacturers are ramping up their investment in key technology areas, seeking to overcome existing pain points in their operations, improve their product and service offerings, or simply keep up with competitors that are more digitally savvy.  Industrial facility workers are seeking modernization with the latest in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): collections of sensors, instruments, robotics and autonomous devices connected through the internet to modernize industrial applications.

Renovation, Retrofit, and Refurbishment of Aging Buildings

The vast majority of the commercial buildings in the US were built before 2000. Retrofits are a great solution to this issue, especially when it comes to improving sustainability and energy efficiency for these buildings.  Retrofitting options include electrical system upgrades, LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, etc. Retrofitting is also a great option for schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and more.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, will increase federal spending on infrastructure by about $550 billion over the next decade, nearly all through grants to state and local governments, which own much of the nation’s infrastructure. The funding is earmarked for investment in infrastructure funding for public transit, bridge and highways, water and wastewater, high-speed internet, clean energy transmission, electric vehicles and charging systems.  

Industry Expertise

Womack offers many industry-leading products that address the need to update aging buildings and modernize industrial processes. Shop by category to easily find exactly what you need—from automation and control solutions to energy-efficient LED lighting to EV charging stations.

Key Services

Take advantage of the wide range of renovation and modernization services offered by us and our partners, including job management, project materials management, jobsite security solutions, custom and pre-fab solutions, tool outfitting, renewable energy, online ordering, and more.

Industry Expertise

Get access to our team of  knowledgeable experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our in-house industrial applications engineers, and on-staff service solutions specialists are ready to help you and your customers achieve your modernization goals.  Contact us today to get started!


Shop online 24/7 to have everything you need for your projects delivered quickly right to your door, or stop by the nearest branch. Womack makes it easy to get the products and support you need when you need it.

WES Connect App

The Womack WES Connect app delivers all the great features of our online ordering right to your fingertips. Use our app to browse products, place orders, check account status, locate/call a nearby branch, or check out other services we offer.


  • Account Information – View financial information such as A/R Summary, view bids, open orders, and order history.
  • Reorder pad – Quickly find the most recent products you have ordered and order them again.
  • Advanced Search – Search for products, contacts, and orders
    Custom Part Numbers – Search using your custom part numbers (setup through website)
  • Locations – Quickly call or navigate to any of our locations, and pick up items ordered online in store.
  • Other services – search and view other services Womack Electric Supply has to offer.
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Prefab & Custom Solutions


We know every project comes with challenges.  Womack Electric Supply, along with our pre-fab and custom solutions partner, Resolve One, want to help you prevent problems before they start. One way you can do that is by looking to Womack Electric and Resolve One for prefabricated UL-Listed assemblies and custom solutions to eliminate unproductive job site activities and help you turn your project over quicker and be more profitable.

We work directly with you to analyze your needs, develop designs, and then manufacturer the right electrical solutions for your job. Our UL-Listed pre-wired systems are just the beginning. We can provide any number of custom construction services for commercial, industrial, or residential applications.  


Prefabricated UL-Listed wiring systems for projects of any size, and RESI-RACKS™ and FASS Racks for easier, less labor-intensive installation.

  • Pre-Fabricated Wiring Systems
  • Electrical Rough-In
  • Electrical, Stub, Box, Receptacle, and Switch Assemblies
  • Custom Commercial FASS and Residential Racks
  • Custom Power Risers
  • Fixture Design & Wiring
  • Power Skids
  • Custom Conduit and Racks
  • Custom Light Fixture Whips
  • Materials Staging including Live Inventory Access, Inventory Tracking, and Scheduled Releases
  • Control Panels
  • CAD Design
  • Transformer Racks
  • Duct Banks
  • Flex Whips
  • Control Panels
  • Temporary Power
  • Supports
  • Manufacturer Warranty Work
  • Emergency Power Solutions
  • Fiber Optics Preassembly
  • Maintenance, Repair, Replace Lighting Fixtures
  • Electrical and Infrastructure Design – CAD Proficient
  • Solar Pre-Fabrication/Preassembly


  • Reducing construction schedule demands, so projects can be completed quicker and everyone can realize greater profits.
  • Reducing delays.
  • Lowering the manpower needed on the job.
  • Helping prevent theft or loss of materials and tools with just-in-time delivery.
  • Generating less waste.
  • Improving workflow.
  • Design assistance.


  • Single & Double Gang Data Stubs
  • Single & Double Gan Stubs with Receptacles and Conduit
  • Single Double Gang Masonry Stubs
  • Single Gang Horn Strobe Stubs
  • Single Gang Data Stubs With Conduit
  • Single Gang Switch Assemblies
  • Single Gang Outlet Boxes With Receptacles
  • MC Stub Assemblies With Whips

All are UL listed and ARRA compliant


Make rough electrical installation easier and faster with less labor.

UL Listed & ARRA Compliant




Our construction support service solutions are numerous for the challenges that present themselves on the job site.  From sheet metal fabrication and steel framing alterations to job site security solutions, the  construction support services available from Womack Electric Supply and Resolve One are literally limitless and designed to help you do your job better.

​​• Design
• Welding
• Laser Cutting & Etching
• Laser Engraving
• Grinding, Brushing, & Polishing 
• Press Brake
• Metal Shearing
• Riveting
• Finishing
• Galvanizing
• Powder Coating
• Machine Upgrades

• Metal Punching
• Sandblasting
• Staging and Storing 
​​• Accuracy Receipt Verification
• Damage Analysis/Claim Filing
• Conditioned Storage
• Pre-assembly & Pre-wire
• Specified Material Releases
• Live Inventory Access
• Tracking Solutions
• Overcoming Architectural Design Errors
• Adapting to Change Orders

UL Listed Products

• Electrical Assemblies – E470935
• Incandescent Luminaire – E480090
• Conduit & Cable Hardware (Resi-FASS Rack) – E473231
• Enclosures – E496552
• Control Panel Shop – UL508A

Temporary Power Solutions

Pedestal Modifications

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Threading, Galvanizing and Polishing

Product Adaptations

Steel Modifications

Pre-Fab Rebar Solutions

Fixture Modifications


Designed to effectively address project constraints such as; time, cost, and scope/performance.

Conduit Duct Banks

PVC Conduit Duct Banks provide protected pathways for your construction site’s buried electrical or data cables. Duct Banks save you an incredible amount of time and money as they arrive at your job site ready-to-stall. With or without rebar, or whatever your job’s specs require.


  • Duct Bank Design
  • Project Consultation
  • With or Without Rebar (up to 1″ bending capability)
  • Staging and delivery direct to jobsite on your schedule

Control Panels

Custom control panels for all size projects, as well as temporary power solutions while you’re on the job.

Resolve One is UL 508A Certified Control Panel Shop

When you’re looking for total control of your electrical processes, look to Resolve One to give you all of the control (panel) needs you want. From transformers, power supply converters, and circuit breakers, to relays and overload protection, we can customize your control panel to meet your projects needs.



Custom NEMA enclosures in a variety of sizes/configurations for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Powder coat your enclosure in any color you choose. Let us know if any other finish options may be required.
  • Numerous door, interior, back panel, flush, or surface mounting options available.
  • Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel.
  • NEMA 1, NEMA 3X, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4X, NEMA 12 options available.
  • Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems

Power Solutions

Temporary and permanent power solutions for all your project needs.


  • Temporary power dollies, so you can change the location of your power supply needs as you need.
  • Custom temporary power skids.
  • Underground panels.
  • Permanent control panels and power solutions.
  • Underground and overhead t-pole options available.

Resolve One
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Keeping You Up-To-Date on Market Trends & Supply Chain Data

We share in the concerns of our customers regarding the financial impacts related to market volatility and we wish to work closely with you to mitigate the effects of market price fluctuations.  When price changes occur, our goal is to quickly make you aware of the changes via meetings with your Womack customer support team and via 24/7 access to our Market Watch portal on our website @ WomackElectric.com. 

Commodity Reports & Insights

Market Watch provides informational data and graphs showing the 30 day trend in spot prices of copper, aluminum and zinc base metals. These base metals are primary influencers for wire and conduit marketplace price fluctuations. 

Vendor Product Line Notifications

Market Watch provides a listing (by date of notification) of vendor product line notifications.  The listing provides a brief overview and shows the effective dates of notified product line changes, including price increases. 

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