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Spring 2021

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Multi-Family Solutions…

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Womack Electric Supply is a recognized supplier for multi-family solutions and smart growth projects featuring multi-family, mixed use and urban development live-work-play construction.

The complexity of these projects requires the successful blending of construction expertise, quality products and effective project management.  When you partner with Womack Electric Supply you partner with a supplier with a proven track record of successfully meeting and exceeding the demanding and ever-changing needs of contractors within this marketplace.

Womack’s team of dedicated professionals are with you all the way … from needs analysis during project development; to working to ensure engineering requirements are met before product procurement; to handling the logistics of product flow and more. We back all this up with a suite of support services designed to bring efficiency and productivity to your project and company.


Our Residential Portfolio

Power Distribution
Device & Networking Solutions

Home Automation Solutions
Entertainment Systems Solutions
Energy Efficient Lighting Design & Controls

Comfort & Convenience Solutions

Safety & Security Solutions

Power Back-Up Solutions
Tooling & Equipment

Creating Value For You

• Local, Extensive Inventory
• Wire & Cable Management
• Womack University – Training
• On-Staff Solutions Specialist
• Security & Camera Solutions
• New Product Solutions

• Daily Deliveries
• Online Billing & Accounting
• Tool Sales & Service Center         
• WES Connect Online Ordering
• Contractor Marketing Solutions
• Labeling Solutions

• 24-Hour Emergency Support
• Inventory Services & Solutions
• Project Management Services
• Customer Service Guarantees
• Central Distribution Center
• Pre-Fab & Custom Solutions

Delivering Product Solutions To You

Power & Wire

  • Temp Power
  • Load Centers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Utility Metering
  • HVAC Disconnects
  • Building Wire
  • Network Wiring
  • Generator

Safety & Security 

  • Arc-Fault Solutions
  • GFCI Solutions
  • Surge Prevention
  • Smoke/CO2 Solutions
  • Camera Solutions


  • Home Networking
  • Off the Shelf Lighting Solutions
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Central Vacuums
  • IoT Products
  • Intercoms
  • Entertainment Solutions

Energy Efficiency 

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Vacancy Sensors
  • Timers
  • Dimming Solutions
  • Ventilation Systems
  • LED Lamps


  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Test Meters
  • Tool Repair
  • Tool Storage
  • Climbing Solutions
Project Services

The Womack Project Services Team efficiently provides an organized platform to facilitate medium to large projects. We understand that effective communication and planning can improve productivity, reduce time, and reduce overall cost to your projects.

Sean Roseman is Womack Electric’s dedicated specialist when it comes to quoting medium to large scale multi-family projects.  Contact Sean today to put his experience to work for your project.  Whether the request is for apartments complexes, dormitories, condominiums, barracks, or any other type of multi-living quarters project, Sean is ready to assist with project quotations, proposals, drawings, and specification.

Let us simplify and streamline your next project from beginning to end!  Let us put Womack Project Services to work for your multi-family project!  

Multi-Beam LED

Utility Lights

Work Space & Light Commercial Applications

Satco’s rugged, adjustable, LED utility light offers energy savings and superior light output where you need it. Energy saving 60W LED replaces up to 500W incandescents and HID CFLs in your workshops, utility rooms, barns and light commercial spaces.

Available at your local branch now.

Cooperative Contracts  for Education

Womack Electric is a contracted distributor with E&I Cooperative Services, a non-profit purchasing cooperative that services the needs of education. 

Through our partnership with E&I, Womack Electric leverages your facilities collective purchasing power to lower costs across your organization, offering top of the line product offering and solutions at a discounted rate via E&I’s competitively solicited contract with IM Supply. 

Womack Electric Supply is a member partner of IM Supply, and as such, supplies E&I members with access to a broad scope of products ranging from lighting, distribution, controls, wiring, conduits and all related products to support your electrical needs on campus.

Contract Number: CNR01499

RFP Number: 683483

Contract Terms: 5-year agreement 4/1/2020 with a 5-year renewal after the end of the fifth year

Product Categories: Lighting and Electrical MRO products. Safety, Sensing and Security

Terms: Net 30

Member Incentives: Annual rebate, Performance metrics, Competitively solicited pricing, Local distribution

Visit IM Supply at EandI.org to complete a letter of participation and for more information about pricing, discounts, incentives and rebate details. 

Pre-Fab & Custom Solutions Project Support

According to a recent study released by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC.org), the coronavirus pandemic has caused more than one out of four contractors to halt or delay work on current projects.

Contractors listed numerous types of delays and shortages:

• Shortages of required government actions or personnel, for instance to issue permits or certificates of occupancy, conduct inspections, or make project awards.

• Shortage of materials, parts or equipment.

• Shortage of craft workers as individuals self-quarantine or stay home to care for others.

Womack Electric understands the impact that this crisis is taking on your business and projects and we’re here to help.  Now is an opportune time to prepare and be ready to “catch up” when things return to normal. 

Our pre-fab and custom solutions shop is still open and ready to talk with you regarding the many ways we can support your projects with solutions that can improve your cash flow, increase profit on the job, and speed up your projects once things settle down.

Click below to learn more and contact us regarding your projects.

Distinguished Service Awards

25 Years of Service Awards

Womack Electric Supply appreciates employee loyalty and for many years has been awarding a gold coin piece to employees as they celebrate their 25th anniversary with the company.

Two employees, Sean Roseman and Dennis Rutledge, recently reached this employment milestone of 25 years of dedicated service. To reward their service and to commemorate this occasion, each honored employee received a one troy ounce fine gold American eagle coin in a commemorative wooden box. Womack Electric Supply President, Burke Herring, is shown presenting the awards to the recipients.

Sean Roseman

Dennis Rutledge

The Womack Way Award

Kyle Gardner, Branch Supervisor, at Womack’s Cary, NC branch, is this quarter’s recipient of the Womack Way Employee Award.

The quarterly award is bestowed upon the employee that has best demonstrated what “The Womack Way” is about. What does that entail … it’s “What Customer Service is About!” … attentiveness to our customers and their needs, clear communication skills, willingness to learn (new products, new skills), a positive attitude, time management skills, and being a team player.

Each quarter, the employee that is chosen will earn a $100 gift card and Womack Way trophy.

Congratulations Kyle!

Kyle Gardner

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