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Spring 2022

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Womack Electric Supply is pleased to offer SemaConnect electric vehicle charging station solutions.  SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial, residential property, and fleet market.

Mass-market electric vehicles have arrived!  It’s estimated that there are 2+ million electric vehicles in the US.  According to EVAdoption, there will be 100+ electric vehicle models on the market by 2025. Fueling the electric vehicle market are it’s built in cost savings, performance, and sustainability features and benefits. Growing as rapidly, alongside the electric vehicle market, is the electric vehicle charging station industry.  

Electric vehicle charging stations are the newest and most visible green building amenity, capable of continuously enhancing properties and communicating participation in a global green building movement.  

Charging stations come in two classes: residential or commercial.  Residential charging stations are built for single-family homes. Commercial stations are more sophisticated, both in terms of hardware and software.

Where Will Drivers Charge?

Electric vehicles are causing a paradigm shift in auto fueling.  Drivers want “fueling” stations where their cars are parked.  And with the average time of multiple hours that it takes to fully charge and electric vehicle, drivers have a top-up mindset.  This creates a need for electric vehicle charging services to not only be available at homes, but also at businesses, commercial properties, retail establishments and along roadways where commuters travel.

Levels of Charging

Level I – Level I refers to the standard 110VAC outlets that you have in your home. 

Level II (Residential) – Level II residential charging stations push energy at 240Volts and 30Amps.  

*Level II (Commercial) – Level II commercial stations are the industry standard for charging vehicles when not at home. They deliver the same 240Volts and 30Amps as the residential stations, however, the real value comes in when the commercial stations are smart-networked.  This means that the station is connected to software that makes it easy for a building owner to manage their stations, see how many EV drivers have used the stations, run sustainability reports, bill for electricity usage and more.  

Level III, or DC Fast Charging – Level III, sometimes referred to as DC Fast Charging, ranges from 200 to 600 VDC and can recharge an electric vehicle in as little as 30 minutes. This is a fantastic solution for charging on the go.  You will typically find Level III or DC Fast Charging stations purchased by your state government along interstate highways.

The SemaConnect Family of EV Charging Stations

Smart EV Charging Stations for
Businesses, Fleets, and Personal Use


SemaConnect is the largest open-platform, fully integrated provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in North America for commercial, residential, and fleet applications. Their turn-key family of charging stations are elegantly designed, rugged and powerful – delivering quality charging experiences to EV drivers via an open network platform.

As experts in the electrical industry, Womack Electric Supply Company is your source for energy saving solutions.  We can help you navigate the complex world of innovative energy products, new technologies and financial incentives to help you recognize a timely payback.  Contact your local sales representative to learn more about Womack’s electric vehicle charging station solutions.  

EV Product Solutions for You
  • EV Charging Stations: Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Fleet, & Retail
  • Wireless Open Network
  • Load Management Software
  • Single and Dual Pedestals
  • Wall and Pole Mounting
  • Cable Management
  • Smart Reporting

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WES Connect App & Online Ordering

The Womack WES Connect app delivers all the great features of our online ordering right to your fingertips. Placing orders by sending a service tech to the supply house counter is no longer required. Use our app to browse products, place orders, check account status, locate/call a nearby branch, or check out other services we offer.


  • Account Information – View financial information such as A/R Summary, view bids, open orders, and order history.
  • Reorder pad – Quickly find the most recent products you have ordered and order them again.
  • Advanced Search – Search for products, contacts, and orders
    Custom Part Numbers – Search using your custom part numbers (setup through website)
  • Locations – Quickly call or navigate to any of our locations, and pick up items ordered online in store.
  • Other services – search and view other services Womack Electric Supply has to offer.

Keeping You Up-To-Date on Market Trends & Supply Chain Data

We share in the concerns of our customers regarding the financial impacts related to market volatility and we wish to work closely with you to mitigate the effects of market price fluctuations.  When price changes occur, our goal is to quickly make you aware of the changes via meetings with your Womack customer support team and via 24/7 access to our Market Watch portal on our website @ WomackElectric.com. 

Commodity Reports & Insights

Market Watch provides informational data and graphs showing the 30 day trend in spot prices of copper, aluminum and zinc base metals. These base metals are primary influencers for wire and conduit marketplace price fluctuations. 

Vendor Product Line Notifications

Market Watch provides a listing (by date of notification) of vendor product line notifications.  The listing provides a brief overview and shows the effective dates of notified product line changes, including price increases. 

We continue to have bi-monthly virtual meeting with key vendors so we can have a better understanding of the challenges they face and share with them our needs and concerns and those of our customer partners. 

Cooperative Contracts  for Education

Womack Electric is a contracted distributor with E&I Cooperative Services, a non-profit purchasing cooperative that services the needs of education. 

Through our partnership with E&I, Womack Electric leverages your facilities collective purchasing power to lower costs across your organization, offering top of the line product offering and solutions at a discounted rate via E&I’s competitively solicited contract with IM Supply. 

Womack Electric Supply is a member partner of IM Supply, and as such, supplies E&I members with access to a broad scope of products ranging from lighting, distribution, controls, wiring, conduits and all related products to support your electrical needs on campus.

Contract Number: CNR01499

RFP Number: 683483

Contract Terms: 5-year agreement 4/1/2020 with a 5-year renewal after the end of the fifth year

Product Categories: Lighting and Electrical MRO products. Safety, Sensing and Security

Terms: Net 30

Member Incentives: Annual rebate, Performance metrics, Competitively solicited pricing, Local distribution

Visit IM Supply at EandI.org to complete a letter of participation and for more information about pricing, discounts, incentives and rebate details. 

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